BuBuBu (Naturist Freedom)

Description:  The name enata sinaarsobrivi sxvaoba. This film from the Studio of the Naturist Freedom shows how can gaming and exciting form to hold a real lesson of physical education. After this, when you can fool around, play a role, for sure sleep will be sturdy and health will be enhanced. A good example of what family naturism is beneficial not only for passive recreation, and active.
In addition to fresh anouncements from famous Studios.
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Bathing at Gravel-Pit (Naturist Freedom)

Description: At this career meet regularly nudists. Earlier gravel mined here, but over time it turned into a big lake and has become a popular destination for holidaymakers naked. This is the official beach near the Czech village Hlyutsin. The weather was very hot and the sun was scorching, so that almost all present slightly burnt under the scorching rays. At this place (near the old gravel pit) you can sunbathe, play and socialize with other nudists or with their boyfriends and girlfriends. On warm days, there can be excellent swim and sunbathe, which in this place and going of Czech naturists. The video shows how naked girls and boys gathered this day in large quantities to be able to spend time among other naked companies. Boat, brought one of the companies came just in time – there was a lot of looking for a little ride on it. Naked boys and girls enjoy the sunshine, feeling the wind on the naked body. This time was a lot of pictures and shot a lot of video materials in the personal archives of naturists. Download free video nudists with gravel pit using the links below. All fans hanging naked suggested to see how this meeting was held.   This time we visited an official nudist beach at flooded gravel-pit at the village of Hlucin. It was terribly hot, so, apart from some exceptions, everybody got sunburned in the hot sun.

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Nudist massage for women FKK

Description:  As well take water procedures naked! Swimming, just screamed like . But as well after the workout to get a professional massage of the whole body! And to the members of the society of family naturism and was invited to their rented pool several specialists in massage. Everyone from young to old are able to pass through the massage table and get a charge of energy and vivacity. The film is well suited for browsing on Smartphones, communicators, etc. portable multimedia devices.
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